On Set for german TV (ZDF-Production) with my wonderful colleague Heidrun Gärtner, playing two cops.

„Battalion“ in german cinema

"Battalion", big box-office-movie in Russia, with Mats Reinhardt as the onliest german actor in this multi-million-Dollar-movie, now starts in Germany! http://www.filmstarts.de/kritiken/235747.html http://www.cinemaxx.de/Programm/Film/Bataillon/22436


BATTALION - INTERN. KINOFILM - TRAILER ONLINE German actor Mats Reinhardt has been shooting for several weeks in St.Petersburg the russian historic Movie "Battalion", directed by Dmitry Meskhiev. Based on a real story during World War 1, he is playing german Lieutenant  Josef Schulz. Here you can watch the official T R A I L E R . The film starts in russian cinema at 20th of February 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKUBZQiPo6g&feature=share

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