Wonderful Reviews for german actor Mats Reinhardt at screamfest LA in Oct.2016 for his leading part in the norwegian feature „The house“.
Here an extract of the review by one of the most important scary-movie critics in the world, Michael Klug:
(The whole article you can read by clicking the link below)

As the higher ranking Kreiner, Mats Reinhardt is appropriately stern and commanding, but the script allows Reinhardt the opportunity to find the softer spots of what could easily be a Ralph Fiennes-esque character straight out of Schindler’s List.

Kreiner’s tales of woe offer Reinhardt the opportunity to emote, if all too briefly. The character speaks of his interaction with a young girl in a concentration camp and he smiles as he talks of his beloved. There’s the undercurrent of regret in Kreiner’s voice and believe it or not, you’ll feel the tinglings of sympathy for this high-ranking Nazi soldier.